Robin Hood (Cary Elwes in "Men in Tights") explains why he is better than other Robin Hoods.

Welcome to Use My Accent provides an opportunity for people to register as "Readers" - and to be paid, to read specific lines in their native accent. Actors receive mp3 files with their own lines read in the authentic accent they need to use. Membership is free for both Actors and Readers.

"How many times have you had a good film or soap ruined by some actor's appalling rendition of your accent? Well, now you can do something about it. Simply get onto this site and show them how it should be done - and there's the added bonus of being paid to set them right."


* Join Now - it's Free - and Register your own accent.

Actors - Join Now - our service is FREE to sign up and readers charge very modest fees.
(If you would rather not register, and want to retain anonymity, take a look at our VIP SERVICE below.)

-      Choose someone to read your lines in their native accent;

-      Email them the actual words you'll be using in performance;

-      Agree the fee for the reader and pay online;

-      You will be emailed an mp3 file of the recording to perfect the pronunciation

Perfect for expanding your skills set - add New Accents to your Resume, Voice-reel and Show-reel. We've revolutionised the process of learning accents!

Excellent for auditions - learn the accent using the lines you'll need to audition with
- making sure it's flawless.

Take advantage of more castings - with the help of our Readers, you'll be able to make yourself available for many more roles.

Accents We Have Registered include:
Various British Accents; Various American Accents; Eastern European; South African; Australian; French; Italian; Spanish; Turkish; Indian... and the list goes on. If the one you're looking for is not already in our membership, just let us know, and we'll find a native speaker for you - no charge!

Most Popular Accents and Readers

Top Accents & Readers

American East Coast/New England Pamela
Actor Review: "Thank you So much, for an Excellent reading - and I so appreciate it at such short notice! It's absolutely PERFECT."

Australian Louisa Maree
Actor Review: "Thanks for the read, Louisa. A simple, detached, prosaic read, not imposing any dynamics, but giving me a very clear idea of where the accent is."

Northern Ireland - Jillity
Actor Review: "Jillity sent me a great custom read for an audition I had. Easy voice to listen to and she won't "colour" the sample with a distracting performance. Cheap, quick and perfect. What more does an actor need? A+ (Now I just need to book that gig...)"

VIP Accent Readings

VIP Service

For Actors who require Anonymity.

Service includes:

*  An mp3 with your lines read in the authentic accent you need to use, by a native speaker.

*  Your Reader will be selected from our special, hand-picked Confidential Reader pool

*  Confidentiality agreements from and the Reader

*  Complete Anonymity (the Reader won't know who you are)

*  Excellent personal service, including extra readings where required.

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Brad Pitt in "Seven Years in Tibet," 1997 in the Wall Street Journal:

"Talk Like an Egyptian"   


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